LSRDGTL02 by Karlheinz out now on all platforms!


Trouble in the city


Artist Info

Hiding his talent in the shadows of Bavarian spruce trees and grey Berlin facades, Karlheinz secretly refined his production skills and is about ready to take you on a musical journey.

Starting his musical career by learning how to play the guitar as a kid, he made his first appearances as a guitarist in a local death metal band back in his home town in rural Bavaria. After moving to Berlin for his studies around 2008 and making his first steps on the dance floors of About Blank, Karlheinz quickly wanted to find out more about producing electronic music himself.

His never-ending curiosity and love for experimentation can be found across his own creations, which don’t always follow the norm and can hardly be put into any box. A mindset heavily influenced by Jazz music, which is reflected in most of his productions and becomes visible in form of grooving baselines and funky guitar riffs.

Until now, Karlheinz kept his musical compositions his very secret, exclusively sharing them with his close inner circle by playing live sets for house parties and small private events. However, learning about advanced music techniques and sound synthesis during his master degrees, his sound became more and more refined and the peer pressure to share his music with a wider audience became so big
that he could no longer resist.

We are thrilled to have Karlheinz with us and as his principle of „Never take yourself too serious“ could not fit any better, there is only one thing left to say:

Welcome to the Loser Records family!